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What is the meaning of abdominal in Hindi?

Meaning of abdominal in Hindi is : पेट का

Definition of word abdominal

  • Belonging to the order Abdominales of fish. (adjective)
  • A fish of the order Abdominales. (noun)

Examples of word abdominal

    • The key maneuver's what we call the abdominal thrust.
    • Even more concerning perhaps is the marked increase in abdominal obesity.
    • Of 13 genetic variants tested, TRPV1 Val585Ile and UCP2 -866 G/A correlated significantly with change in abdominal adiposity.
    • Total body fat was unchanged but there was a marginal (1.1%) reduction in abdominal adiposity with capsaicin.
    • The most common signs and symptoms of leukemia are: anemia bleeding and/or bruising recurrent infections bone and joint pain abdominal pain swollen lymph nodes difficulty breathing


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