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What is the meaning of abduct in Hindi?

Meaning of abduct in Hindi is : भागाना

Definition of word abduct

Examples of word abduct

  • Thousands of people are going to symbolically 'abduct' themselves and stand in solidarity with all the abducted children forced to fight as soldiers.
  • The Ganymede myth was a cornerstone of Greek pederast culture, especially on the island of Crete, where inhabitants performed a ritual described by the Greek historian Ephorus: men would ceremonially "abduct" young boys, taking them into the countryside for two months of feasting, hunting, and sexual intercourse.
  • And might ETs, on occasion, "abduct" CTs as well as humans?
  • The teacher asked little mary and little mary said "abduct,"
  • Petit Jackson also accuses the Thriller hitmaker's mother, Katherine Jackson, of scheming to "abduct" her when she was nine in a bid to preserve the superstar's "reputation".
  • Ms Petit Jackson alleged that when she was nine years old, Jackson's mother Katherine devised a plan to "abduct" her and sent her to Belgium to protect her son's "reputation".
  • In the filing, Kaine Horman accused Terri Horman of going to the gym looking to "abduct" their daughter.
  • That court motion also detailed an alleged sexual affair with one of Kaine's high school classmates, and a reported attempt to "abduct" the couple's young daughter Kiara.
  • The local part of a global rally, the event is orchestrated by a nonprofit called Invisible Children that's asking volunteers in 100 cities to "abduct" themselves, march to a public place and wait there until they are rescued by prominent state figures and media.