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What is the meaning of abend in Hindi?

Meaning of abend in Hindi is :

Definition of word abend

  • An abnormal termination of a program. (noun)
  • Termination of a process prior to completion. (noun)
  • To terminate abnormally. (verb)

Examples of word abend

  • Hier mal ein kleines Vid vom verschneiten Montag abend ...
  • Samstag abend gab es einen extrem coolen Liveact mit Akkustikgitarre und Gameboy.
  • If a program must "abend" (Abnormal End) then it should do so noisily and with as much information as possible.
  • Guten abend, meine lieblinge ? tonight it's Apprentice Abroad, where our tycoons of tomorrow head off to Hamburg to sell crisps to the Germans.
  • Genetic testing on unborn children is, is not ethical lottery road government cobra score tool movie blockbuster kit school photo holiday discovery carpet bike track disk download breakdown click balance abandon abend abnormal abort above abrupt absolute abstract abundant acceleration accept access accomodate accomplish accord accumulator accuracy accustom achieve acknowledge acquaint acquire acquisition action activation active actual acute adapt Visit now!!


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