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What is the meaning of ablate in Hindi?

Meaning of ablate in Hindi is : अपक्षरित होना

Definition of word ablate

Examples of word ablate

  • The base of Orion's heat shield will endure the most heat and will erode away or "ablate" in a controlled fashion - transporting heat away during the descent through the atmosphere.
  • Orion's heat shield, the dish-shaped thermal protection system at the base of the spacecraft, will endure the most heat and will erode, or "ablate," in a controlled fashion, transporting heat away from the crew module during its descent through the atmosphere.
  • Dr. Boothe the excimer laser uses a cool ultraviolet light beam to precisely remove ( "ablate") very tiny bits of tissue from the cornea to reshape it.
  • So very tired, yet we tried ... to ablate the tide.
  • Medtronic has said that its Cardioblate devices received FDA approval to "ablate cardiac tissue" and "ablate soft tissue" during "general surgery" or "cardiac surgery."