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What is the meaning of able in Hindi?

Meaning of able in Hindi is : हृष्ट पुष्ट

Definition of word able

  • A word that is used in place of the letter "A" during communication. (noun)

Examples of word able

  • [The words are on the board in this form: love + able, care + less.] “The suffix _able_ begins with the vowel _a_; therefore when it is added to the word _love_ the final silent _e_ is dropped, and the word is spelled _lovable_.”
  • I signed on as able seaman -- _able_ seaman 'cause I was a fishing chap an 'had me Royal Naval Reserve ticket -- aboard the
  • England what it is, -- able to subdue the earth, _able to domineer over Catholics.
  • (property), since a proprium is included in the definition of a subject, as in ˜a human being is able to laugh™, where the term ˜human being™ is included in the definition of the predicate ˜able to laugh™.
  • Custer was a horrendous student, and the word able was not the first that came to mind when people described him.
  • The term able, therefore, signifies more than _capable_, more than well-informed, whether applied to an artist, a general, a man of learning, or a judge.
  • Hafen said he hopes to make the city sustainable, which he defined as able to meet the needs of today without sacrificing the needs of future generations.