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What is the meaning of aboard in Hindi?

Meaning of aboard in Hindi is : सवार

Definition of word aboard

Examples of word aboard

  • Our meal that day was what we called aboard ship a ` stamp and go, 'all of us who were drafted being too excited to think much of eating -- all of us, that is, excepting Mick!
  • Captain Hollinger -- for he assumed this title aboard the _Seamew_ -- looked at the two boys amusedly, then took each by an arm and propelled them toward the companionway.
  • A few months later, he was again aboard a Huey, this time on a classified mission.
  • It was my task to tally the pelts as they came aboard from the boats, to oversee the skinning and afterward the cleansing of the decks and bringing things ship-shape again.
  • Up and Over: While some dog vests now have grab handles, lifting a dog aboard is not difficult.


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