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What is the meaning of abolish in Hindi?

Meaning of abolish in Hindi is : हटाना

Definition of word abolish

Examples of word abolish

  • I also don't think they will actually abolish is simply because men would have to be paying child support for kids they wouldn't want to have, so I am pretty sure men would not go for it.
  • The mischief done by privateering, which the great Powers of Europe have agreed to abolish, is as nothing compared with the wholesale suffering which the blockade now being enforced by the
  • And here, perhaps, we may be pardoned for the digression necessary to show the exact definition of the terms abolish, abolition and abolitionist.
  • Unfortunately, the values and ideals were also created by those badly behaved Europeans in conditions that the European Union is now desperate to abolish, that is small and medium-sized, competing political entities.
  • Will McConnell do, as Howard Gleckman suggested he must, in order to balance the budget by 2020, "abolish" the entirety of government.
  • Vouchers, charter schools, mayoral control, the power to "abolish" individual teaching positions and chancellor-controlled teacher evaluations - all of these have been part of the school landscape in Washington for years.