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What is the meaning of abrade in Hindi?

Meaning of abrade in Hindi is : रगड़ कर साफ़ करना

Definition of word abrade

  • To cause the surface to become more rough. (verb)
  • To undergo abrasion. (verb)
  • Obsolete spelling of abraid. (verb)

Examples of word abrade

  • • Start to "abrade" the area by distressing the marked area with sandpaper.
  • She wiped the piece of broccoli away from the hairs on his arm, taking care not to abrade his skin.
  • To clean an unidentified spot of dirt from a page of a Samaritan Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible), Ms. de Arteni used a very soft vinyl eraser, a medium that won't abrade the vellum (animal skin) of the rare 13th-century volume.
  • In the most hazardous situations, they can abrade turbine blades, clog the innards of modern jet engines and plug their cooling systems, causing them to stop running.
  • I pulled my elbows up, felt the scruff of the mattress gently abrade the backs of my arms, and settled into a modified prone position.


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