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What is the meaning of abridge in Hindi?

Meaning of abridge in Hindi is : सार निकालना

Definition of word abridge

Examples of word abridge

  • And Anne, you seem to think Arabs 'abridge' the human rights of Jews, a month after Israel killed 1300 Palestinians, maimed thousands more, refuses to lift the blockade etc etc etc.
  • Constitution that Congress can't begin to 'abridge' it, in its pride of place, is hawked at by this crested jay-bird.
  • One could argue that such restrictions "abridge" the freedom of the press, but that argument would be specious.
  • He therefore was commissioned to abridge and write a preface to a now obscure work of mental philosophy, The Light of Nature Pursued by Abraham Tucker (originally published in seven volumes from 1768 to 1777), which appeared in 1807 and may have had some influence on his own later thinking.
  • We must be willing to abridge ourselves of our superfluities, for the supply of others necessities.
  • Our bar has been lowered way too far allowing laws to abridge individual freedoms in exchange for a nanny state.