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What is the meaning of abridgment in Hindi?

Meaning of abridgment in Hindi is : संक्षेपण

Definition of word abridgment

  • That which abridges or cuts short; hence, an entertainment that makes the time pass quickly (noun)

Examples of word abridgment

  • What is it with the Americans and word abridgment?
  • His text-book in the instruction of the monks, was the theological treatise of St. Anthony of Padua, translated into Arabic; of which he made an abridgment, that is still used among the Maronites.
  • This is an abridgment of the history of Israel's provocations in the wilderness, and of the wrath of God against them for those provocations: and this abridgment is abridged by the apostle, with application to us Christians (1 Cor.x. 5, &c.); for these things were written for our admonition, that we sin not like them, lest we suffer like them.
  • 9 A.D. We know the work from the epitomes of the books and from Justin's abridgment, which is similar to that of Florus on Livy.
  • Instead of giving a faithful translation, Fabre made a kind of abridgment of it.
  • This we have already observed concerning pride and humility, and here repeat it concerning love and hatred; and indeed there is so great a resemblance betwixt these two sets of passions, that we shall be obliged to begin with a kind of abridgment of our reasonings concerning the former, in order to explain the latter.
  • See Twin Peaks, 996 F. 2d at 1372-73, 1375-76 (finding that the book at issue was an "abridgment" because it recounted "precisely the plot details" of television episodes "in the same sequence" as they appeared in the original series);
  • As if putting a soda can in one garbage can or another is somehow an abridgment of their freedom.