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What is the meaning of abrogate in Hindi?

Meaning of abrogate in Hindi is : रद्द करना

Definition of word abrogate

Examples of word abrogate

  • At the current Moscow summit, the word abrogate is used by the Clinton briefers only to say what they would not do and what the Republicans might do.
  • "abrogate" the peace treaty which the Hashemite Kingdom concluded with Israel in 1994.
  • He told police he was angered by Mr. Taseer's efforts to abrogate the country's strict blasphemy laws.
  • In Bolivia, the leftist government of Evo Morales government moved to abrogate contracts of foreign energy companies like Brazil's Petrobras.
  • To reduce the threat from INF-range missiles, we must either expand the INF Treaty's membership or abrogate it entirely so that we can rebuild our own deterrent capabilities.


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