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What is the meaning of absent in Hindi?

Meaning of absent in Hindi is : हट जाना

Definition of word absent

Examples of word absent

  • Such a Nootka word, for instance, as “when, as they say, he had been absent for four days” might be expected to embody at least three radical elements corresponding to the concepts of “absent, ” “four, ” and “day.
  • Where this is absent, art is absent, _precisely because pure intuition is absent_, and we have at the most, in exchange for it, _that reflex_, philosophical, historical, or scientific.
  • Their _vis-à-vis_ is a lively lady, apparently taking stock of a _bouquet_, but, in reality, joking an absent gentleman, opposite: -- it is Miss Gay, whom Lark (her partner) is making laugh, by observing -- the gentleman is not so _absent_ as he ought to be; causing that lady to forget herself -- making many mistakes and false starts; which, being those of a person who knew better, were very diverting.
  • _absent_ from the Gospels: death is not a bridge, not a passing; it is absent because it belongs to a quite different, a merely apparent world, useful only as a symbol.
  • The Pakistan players at the centre of the spot‑fixing scandal that rocked cricket will remain absent from the sport indefinitely, after two of the trio today had appeals against their provisional suspensions turned down.


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