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What is the meaning of absinthe in Hindi?

Meaning of absinthe in Hindi is : चिरायता

Definition of word absinthe

  • Sagebrush (noun)

Examples of word absinthe

  • Pirates' Alley serves a drink they call absinthe, which is actually Pernod with the sugar cube/spoon/flame modern Czech ritual.
  • The woman explained that the plant, which she called absinthe, was seldom used except in that drink, reserved only for Mother Festivals.
  • I'd marked out my seat and I snaffled it sharpish on Saturday night, got into the spirit of things by ordering a fake absinthe from the Bartender -- Ed. As the rest of the audience filed in, I saw Adam sit down at the table to my right, chatting to the audience members sat there.
  • Maybe, but probably not because of any psychotropic chemical contained in the wormwood from which absinthe is distilled.
  • Indeed, the image that often comes foremost to mind when considering absinthe is a streetful of dissipated Parisian intellectuals, some of whom sunk into poverty and madness by dancing a bit too closely with the Green Fairy.


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