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What is the meaning of absorb in Hindi?

Meaning of absorb in Hindi is : सोखना

Definition of word absorb

  • To assume or pay for as part of a commercial transaction. (verb)
  • To defray the costs. (verb)
  • To accept or purchase in quantity. (verb)

Examples of word absorb

  • Bamboo forests grow very fast and with a very little burden on environment because the quantity of CO2 that they can absorb is very high.
  • I felt my skin absorb the energy from the light and I could feel the energy surge through me and spread.
  • Does my skin absorb enough ultraviolet rays to produce sufficient vitamin D?
  • Give the songwriters more money, but make the publishing companies and the labels absorb the cost.
  • However, if they contain an absorbing agent and if their connections are open at both ends and are not tapered, they will increase in weight at the same rate after that period has elapsed, that is to say, they absorb from the air water vapour and therefore become heavier.


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