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What is the meaning of abulia in Hindi?

Meaning of abulia in Hindi is : संकल्प असामर्थ्य

Definition of word abulia

Examples of word abulia

  • Domoman: Ribczynski, On your statement about "abulia": I do not find it a problem for dualism that ... nullasalus: ribczynski, "You misquoted me as saying that science had 'proved' that the YEC God does not ... gpuccio: ribczynski: I will wait for your complete answer, and then comment on all.
  • To All: Sorry about being slow with this, but I went from the SHOT Show to the SCI convention, and then had an attack of abulia when I got home.
  • To Beekeeper: I also have a PhD in quantum physics and am working on a cure for abulia, for which I expect a Nobel Prize.
  • Unlike Holden, though, Dwight, who suffers from abulia, a disease characterized by a lack of will or initiative, is too sweetly vague to engage in a critique of the "phony" world around him.
  • Please don't let a slight attack of abulia interfere with your next post, article, or hunt that you will write of, and we can dream of.
  • I'm told a stiff drink of Ezra Brooks and a good kick in gluteus maximus will cure abulia with only one or two applications.