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What is the meaning of abyss in Hindi?

Meaning of abyss in Hindi is : वितल

Definition of word abyss

  • Moral depravity; vast intellectual or moral depth. (noun)
  • An impending catastrophic happening. (noun)
  • The center of an escutcheon. (noun)

Examples of word abyss

  • I know the abyss is there, but the picket fence stops me stumbling in by accident.
  • Thu 10/29/09 3: 29 PM the abyss is the most UNDERRATED of his movies. its fabulous but no one ever remembers it
  • His body language and choice of words—he used the word "abyss" four times—betrayed a man humbled by a difficult struggle.
  • Drawing them back from the abyss is the real challenge that confronts us.
  • However, you cannot invariably sell that to the middle-class or lower-class Americans, and so the types instead, write about how all we need to do to get out of the abyss is become a more educated society.


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