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What is the meaning of acceded in Hindi?

Meaning of acceded in Hindi is :

Definition of word acceded

  • Simple past tense and past participle of accede. (verb)

Examples of word acceded

  • _ "acceded" _ to the Constitution, or to the constitutional compact, as it is called.
  • At this time they threatened to publicly expose certain information relating to Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral unless Slipstream acceded to their demands, which included a payment of €500,000 to Trent.
  • "I certainly kept the national security adviser and the secretary of state informed of my travel plans," he wrote, but he added that he never acceded to her suggestion.
  • Finally Karzai acceded to the American pressure and agreed to the runoff, which in any event his challenger Dr. Abdullah had never had the votes to win.
  • But what is not mentioned is that Weingarten has acceded to the use of test scores as part of the evaluation process for teachers.
  • Fearful of being thought "soft on terrorism", ministers have acceded to those pressures with their budget decisions.
  • At the Trident Conference in Washington the month before, Churchill acceded to a cross-Channel invasion of France in May 1944 and Roosevelt agreed to more operations in the Mediterranean after the Sicily landing.
  • The project was a sop thrown to the Puritan faction at a conference held by the newly acceded James I, at which – on all matters of substance – it had been defeated.
  • Whether in an official policy shift or a simple bow to reality on the ground, the NYPD appears to have quietly acceded to the creation of New York City's newest residential block.