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What is the meaning of acceding in Hindi?

Meaning of acceding in Hindi is :

Definition of word acceding

  • Present participle of accede. (verb)

Examples of word acceding

  • Writing on O'Reilly Radar, preeminent legal scholar Pamela Samuelson cuts through the distractions associated with the Google Book Search/Authors Guild settlement and goes right to the heart of the matter: Google, in acceding to the Authors Guild's requests, have attained a legal near-monopoly on searching and distributing the majority of books ever published.
  • With many Moldovans potentially "acceding" to the EU as individuals, and lots of Transdniestrians likewise "entering" Russia, what does this mean for Moldova?
  • a "confederated Government," and to the several States as "acceding," or signifying their "accession," to it, in ratifying the Constitution.
  • Now, if lionesses held a grudge, and tried to get some revenge on the new Lion King by merely not acceding his advances, or not taking care of his new kids, this strategy wouldn't be common.
  • The arrests have been widely interpreted as part of a series of retaliatory moves aimed at pressuring Japan into acceding to Beijing's demands over the islands issue.
  • The High Sun, however, believes that he can best serve his people by meeting the Kristianos in peace and acceding to their demands.
  • Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the ECB, led the campaign against acceding to a Greek default.
  • The Papacy recognizes this new state of affairs, forcing the French into acceding to the new state of affairs.
  • While acceding to negotiate with Lewis at Roosevelt's request, GM obtained a judicial "writ of ejectment" on Feb. 5, 1937.
  • Those giving legal opinions need to understand that they will be held accountable for taking the easy path, and acceding to whatever a president commands.