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What is the meaning of acceptedly in Hindi?

Meaning of acceptedly in Hindi is :

Definition of word acceptedly

  • In an accepted manner; admittedly. (adverb)
    स्वीकृत तरीके से; बेशक।

Examples of word acceptedly

  • If there was a lot of historical periods and a huge swath of the world where people like you were enslaved, habitually and acceptedly, you might find it more disturbing than if you were a sort of person who would be much less likely to have your human rights violated in that way.
  • Everything, I have mentioned, had come at this time to be acceptedly, though far from braggingly, put off; and the ministrations of M. Ansiot really wash themselves over with the weak mixture that had begun to spread for me, to immensity, during that summer day or two of our earlier residence when, betraying strange pains and apprehensions, I was with all decision put to bed.
  • The larger vessels of the service were acceptedly slow under steam.
  • The smile was of the acceptedly feigned, conventional character; a polished Surface: belonging to the passage of the discourse, and not to the emotions.
  • No statesman in the senate of either country would dare to use a sentence out of their acceptedly divine Revelation, as having now a literal authority over them for their guidance, or even a suggestive wisdom for their contemplation.
  • "Apostolic" writers, and culled from some 200 admitted forgeries called Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, constitute the presient "Canonical" or acceptedly inspired compendium of the primitive history of Christianity.