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What is the meaning of accepting in Hindi?

Meaning of accepting in Hindi is : स्वीकारना

Definition of word accepting

  • Present participle of accept. (verb)
  • Characterized by acceptance. (adjective)
    स्वीकृति द्वारा विशेषता।

Examples of word accepting

    •   I started to cry because all my life I wanted my mother to be accepting, my child to be accepting, my former husband to be accepting… sometimes I craved it, worked to hear it, almost forced unspoken words from silent throats and today like it was nothing, like it was as simple as the sky being blue the rain being wet, there it was.
    • Miliband calls for what he calls an "accepting pluralism with a common core of shared values".
    • Students were told to submit an undertaking at the start of the term accepting the revision in fees. "
    • Tata Motors announced that it will begin accepting orders for its $1,980 Nano "people's car" on April 9th.
    • In the passion of Christ a beauty is found that goes beyond the exterior and it is learned "that the beauty of truth also embraces offence, pain, and even the dark mystery of death, and that this can only be found in accepting suffering, not in ignoring it," as the then Cardinal Ratzinger indicated.
    • The only plan we should even consider accepting is the one that Botox Pelosi and company are on.
    • "In my life, I've lived with the conviction that justice wins," he said in accepting the honor.
    • What ultimately makes Inherent Vicecompelling is that in accepting the narrative protocols of the detective novel -- which includes the obligatory visit of the femme fatale who initiates the action, an encounter with goons that leaves Doc unconscious, episodes of verbal sparring between Doc and a cop, etc.
    • They did the wrong thing in accepting the Focus on the Family ad.