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What is the meaning of acceptive in Hindi?

Meaning of acceptive in Hindi is : स्वीकार करने वाला

Definition of word acceptive

  • Fit for acceptance. (adjective)
  • Ready to accept. (adjective)
  • Receptive. (adjective)

Examples of word acceptive

  • I'm not a Republican but I simply I can't believe that the majority of those who are can feel "acceptive" of what's going on with their Party.
  • I did make this around two years back, and must say my taste buds had become much acceptive towards them!
  • These countries were recently added to the European Union, which generally has been very acceptive of equal rights for LGBT folks far ahead of the United States.
  • I like how Nowrasteh refers to himself as “Persian.” His wingnut base probably wouldn’t be as acceptive of him if he called himself Iranian, which is what he is.
  • Away, thou soul, (let me pick thee out singly, reader dear, and talk in perfect freedom, negligently, confidentially,) for one day and night at least, returning to the naked source-life of us all—to the breast of the great silent savage all-acceptive Mother.


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