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What is the meaning of accessioned in Hindi?

Meaning of accessioned in Hindi is :

Definition of word accessioned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of accession. (verb)

Examples of word accessioned

  • As objects and specimens come into the AMNH collections, they are accessioned, meaning they are assigned a number and a record of accompanying data.
  • The only books I've de-accessioned are some coffee table books from the 70s and many now-dated bibliographies of recommended children's books.
  • Do you have a special location code for accessioned items that are still in use, like your 1930s heater?
  • The Museum turns nothing down: all gifts are accessioned, catalogued and displayed.
  • The clutter continues inside, where the Great Hall, dominated by a large mural of King, also houses a kiosk selling de-accessioned books, a video phone booth, a temporary stage, a tub for recycling cellphones, tables for displaying books, movable art pods that serve as exhibition space, and special shelves for books pertinent (at the moment) to National Bike Month.