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What is the meaning of accident in Hindi?

Meaning of accident in Hindi is : हादसा

Definition of word accident

  • An unexpected event with negative consequences occurring without the intention of the one suffering the consequences. (noun)

Examples of word accident

  • And the finding and maintaining happiness is a definite achievement and not an accident, for _it is beyond accident_.
  • "Oh, mamma!" she cried, jerking off her bonnet, and throwing herself down on a stool at her mother's feet, "we have had such a dreadful accident, or hardly an _accident_ either, for I feel perfectly certain
  • It's common for people to use the word accident for crashes, yet, it's an unfortunate -- and inadequate -- habit.
  • They use the term accident to designate any contingent
  • And all learned doctors will agree to this, if only they understand what the term accident means.
  • For languages have a natural but not a perfect growth; like other creations of nature into which the will of man enters, they are full of what we term accident and irregularity.
  • I am sure Nick would have yielded the right of way to this woman if he had been able to see her, hence the term accident, with nobody contributing and causing it.
  • I hesitate to use the word "accident" because neither the Exxon Valdez oil spill nor the BP disaster were accidents.