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What is the meaning of acclaimed in Hindi?

Meaning of acclaimed in Hindi is :

Definition of word acclaimed

  • Greatly praised or lauded, revered, highly respected. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of acclaim. (verb)

Examples of word acclaimed

    • Now fourteen years have passed, and in acclaimed author David Hewson’s stunning new crime novel the heart-wrenching case has come back to life as Detective Nic Costa and his fellow investigators search through layers of their city’s history–for a killer leaving a trail of bodies, lust, and revenge.
    • One film which was far less acclaimed is the kind of film that brings audiences together in a sick and voyeuristic way.
    • Of all the Latin music offerings, one of the most critically acclaimed is Latin Alternative.
    • Returning to Windsor, he was once again acclaimed as their Mayor, and after distinguished war service he was elected to the Federal House of Commons for Toronto Spadina.
    • The one can no more block up the wind-pipes of living dogs and watch their dying convulsions, and the other can no longer lead the minds of youths and maidens to seek and find beauty in the visible world about them and recognise in it the hand of God -- but the world has known which of these men led the youth of Oxford to look up and which to look down, and to-day a merciful oblivion covers the names and doings of this triumphant vivisector and his valiant supporters, while to the farthest inch of the English-speaking realms the writings of Ruskin are treasured in a million homes and his name acclaimed with grateful reverence.
    • NEW YORK -- The author known simply as Sapphire titled her acclaimed, controversial 1996 novel Push for a simple reason: Her narrator, an illiterate and obese 16-year-old
    • She trained at London ` s Central School of Speech and Drama in the 80 ` s before going on to criticall acclaimed roles on Broadway and in Hollywood.
    • This new multi-part epic comes courtesy of someone who knows his way around both creating and teaching comics, namely acclaimed writer, children's art advocate, and organizer of the world's only "Kids 'Comics" convention, Alex Simmons.