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What is the meaning of acclaiming in Hindi?

Meaning of acclaiming in Hindi is :

Definition of word acclaiming

  • Present participle of acclaim. (verb)

Examples of word acclaiming

  • A four-part July series of Purcell Room concerts acclaiming very different pioneers of British jazz and improvisation including Soweto Kinch, the Jazz Warriors and the late Sir John Dankworth appropriately begins with the most uncompromisingly radical of musical adventurers – the improv saxophone innovator Evan Parker.
  • While acclaiming various accomplishments through basketball, I would like to thank God for all He has done for my family and me.
  • His intrinsic beauty and power meant nothing to the hundreds of thousands who were acclaiming him and buying his books.
  • Therefore, while acclaiming the extraordinary progress made recently, led by President Lula, it is also fair to recall that many people, in their own time and in their own way, have made huge contributions to the achievements of today's Brazil.
  • Comments on the internet showed no sympathy with the dead official and generally support the 21-year-old girl, acclaiming that she is another Yang Jia who acted in response to an injustice.
  • Only three weeks ago we were acclaiming perhaps the greatest performance of Wenger's decade and a half in north London, when they took on the world's best club side and prevailed not just through speed and skill but courage and sheer will to win, the very qualities they had so often been accused of lacking.
  • That day in Barcelona saw the biggest anti-bullfight demonstration of all time: 5,000 people marched from the Ramblas to the Plaza de Toros Monumental, where the bullfight world was busy acclaiming its conquering hero.