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What is the meaning of acclamatory in Hindi?

Meaning of acclamatory in Hindi is : आनन्

Definition of word acclamatory

  • Pertaining to, or expressing approval by, acclamation. (adjective)

Examples of word acclamatory

  • There are prayers, called acclamatory, which are considered to be the most ancient, and in which there is the simple expression of a wish for some benefit to the deceased, without any formal address to God.
  • The liturgical chant of our Catholic tradition, on the other hand, privileges the responsorial, dialogical, antiphonal and acclamatory modes of performance.
  • I bet Mr. DeLay is in his basement, curled in fetal position, sucking his thumb, wishing his pretty little eyes never, ever again have to read anything that is not shamelessly acclamatory.
  • We also recorded the presence of an encroachment wall running on top of the portico's pavement, later identified as a post-earthquake water supply system, as well as a late acclamatory inscription on one of the columns: "Eutycho neoteri" ( "Good luck to the younger ones").
  • The text is very similar to a late acclamatory inscription recorded by Luke Lavan this summer on a column from the Lower Agora: "Eutycho Isagor" ( "Good luck to Isagoras").
  • His gestures, which until now had been acclamatory, turned suddenly furtive.
  • A very few weeks ago, the Convention asseverated, in the usual acclamatory style, that they would never even listen to a proposal for diminishing the value, or stopping the currency, of any description of assignats.