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What is the meaning of accomplishes in Hindi?

Meaning of accomplishes in Hindi is :

Definition of word accomplishes

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accomplish. (verb)

Examples of word accomplishes

  • Certainly, by itself, the label accomplishes nothing.
  • Hehe all it accomplishes is to show how stupid the righties are ..
  • The Lakeview Civic Improvement Association is waiting to see what Robinson Industries accomplishes from a to-do list of broken lights that the group submitted, before sending the company another list, Petrie said. end
  • So, what this platform accomplishes is creating applications that have proven to be poorly received.
  • All that foreign interference accomplishes is to reinforce the idea that the Middle East (once seat of the vast, powerful, hugely influential Ottoman Empire) must now play second fiddle to the West.


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