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What is the meaning of accompt in Hindi?

Meaning of accompt in Hindi is :

Definition of word accompt

  • Account. (noun)
  • To account. (verb)

Examples of word accompt

    • What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our pow'r to accompt? —
    • The Moslems fought for the service of Allah a right good fight, and wrought upon His foes with sway of sword and lunge of lance; whilst Zau al-Makan smote upon the men and garred the knights bite the dust and their heads from their bodies take flight, five by five and ten by ten, till he had done to death a number of them past numbering and an accompt beyond counting.
    • Yet lived I long ere learnt so sore accompt to see, ah!
    • I would that were the worst; but I owe for all this finery, and settling-day is coming on, and my master will find my accompt worse than it should be by a score of pieces.
    • And as thei growe into yeres, an accompt is required of them how well thei haue borne awaie the lessons of their childhode.
    • The clerk of Chatham: he can write and read and cast accompt.
    • (For those that are Christians among them, as namely the Russians, Grecians, and Alanians, who keep their own law very strictly, wil in no case drinke thereof, yea, they accompt themselues no Christians after they haue once drunke of it, and their priests reconcile them vnto the Church as if they had renounced the Christian faith.)
    • The third and most excellent is this: those singular and natural affections, that loue and tender care, and that fatherly and godly minde of the Islanders towards their children, namely, that they make the same accompt of them, or lesse then they doe of their dogges.
    • Within eight dayes after fell Corpus Christi day, which was a day amongst them of procession, in which was shewed the plate and treasure of Venice, which is esteemed to be worth two millions of pounds, but I do not accompt it woorth halfe a quarter of that money, except there be more than I sawe.