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What is the meaning of accordance in Hindi?

Meaning of accordance in Hindi is : सादृश्य

Definition of word accordance

  • Agreement; harmony; conformity; compliance. (noun)

Examples of word accordance

  • And as I have said, even those who applied for asylum were doing so in accordance with Canadian law -- written and passed by the Canadian legisalture.
  • I have a reserved admiration for people who are driven to win, and in accordance with this sentiment I seek to accommodate all those who have such Type A personalities, which includes many Mexican male drivers and some of the females as well.
  • Now, however, things have changed and if you direct deposit, the Mexican bank is not allowed to charge you any fees for the conversion in accordance with the agreement between Social Security and Mexico.
  • But what I have said is in accordance with most National, State and municipal laws.
  • Arresting people, and treating them in accordance with the Constitution, is the standard procedure for the FBI.
  • Military tribunals can, indeed be perfectly legal, constitutional, and in accordance with international treaty.