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What is the meaning of accruement in Hindi?

Meaning of accruement in Hindi is : संचयन

Definition of word accruement

  • The act of accruing. (noun)

Examples of word accruement

  • Such an undertaking would not be too much of a surprise: billionaire Madeleine Schickedanz' steady accruement of the company's stock prompted scuttlebutt that she was preparing to delist Germany's biggest department store chain and divide it up--although Chief Executive ThomasMiddelhoffThomas Middelhoff told the company's annual general meeting last May that such a scenario was not in the cards.
  • His vote will be used to advance the moneyed interests, and their devotional accruement of all things material.
  • The revenue from ivory and other elephant products formed an economic accruement for the conservation and effective management of elephant herds, the SADC said.
  • The retreat and sundering, then, must be not from this body only, but from every alien accruement.
  • Such accruement takes place at birth; or rather birth is the coming-into-being of that other [lower] phase of the Soul.
  • This, by which the gods are divine, must be the oldest God of them all: and our own soul is of that same Ideal nature, so that to consider it, purified, freed from all accruement, is to recognise in ourselves that same value which we have found soul to be, honourable above all that is bodily.
  • But immediately following upon it, there is that which has acquired appetite and, by this accruement, has already taken a great step outward; it has the desire of elaborating order on the model of what it has seen in the Intellectual-Principle: pregnant by those Beings, and in pain to the birth, it is eager to make, to create.
  • The accruement of technical improvements in particularly the great chemical industry is primarily dependent upon systematic industrial research, and this is being increasingly fostered by American manufacturers.
  • This is a senior management position and due to this we are keen to talk with anyone who has experience having high level discussions with Senior Directors and has enough confidence and has business accruement to be able to back up any decisions.