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What is the meaning of accu in Hindi?

Meaning of accu in Hindi is :

Definition of word accu

Examples of word accu

  • I'm also going to shoot some with my 260 Remington with 120 grain accu-tips.
  • Savage 111s are very nice rifles with accu-trigger and accu-stock.
  • I now buy the Varta brand batteries (power accu) as they DO retain their charge which means I can keep a steady supply in my drawer, ready to use.
  • Maybe you should give up your alcohol, drugs, and parties to pay for your own health care and anyone who thinks that taxes are not going to go up to pay for sex changes, massages, accu-puncture, and other non essential medical treatments I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!
  • I bought a savage 17hmr before the accu trigger came out terrible trigger for $21.00 The smith honed it to a great crisp trigger.


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