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What is the meaning of accuracy in Hindi?

Meaning of accuracy in Hindi is : सूक्ष्मता

Definition of word accuracy

  • The state of being accurate; freedom from mistakes, this exemption arising from carefulness; exactness; nicety; correctness (noun)
    सटीक होने की स्थिति; गलतियों से मुक्ति, सावधानी से उत्पन्न यह छूट; सटीकता; सुन्दरता; यथार्थता

Examples of word accuracy

  • Like I say, the accuracy is a little troubling but I know it can be improved - but how on earth does this tiny little gun weigh 6 lbs???
  • Unproven Matt Prater has a booming leg on kickoffs, but his accuracy is the question mark.
  • One way to judge the accuracy is the Bermuda grass rough that outlines the fairways.
  • Something witht hat kind of accuracy is the kind of advantage I need.
  • I guess it depends whether something called 'accuracy' is important to you.
  • I used to shoot 3inch Remington copper solids, but changed to 2 3/4 this year and have seen no difference in accuracy or ability to take down a deer, and I am much more willing to put in the time at the range now.
  • I'd add that your accuracy is hard to beat with anything if your bullets touch at 100 yards.
  • If you can keep it supersonic all the way to the target, accuracy is better.
  • But when you probe that claim, its accuracy is open to question.