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What is the meaning of ache in Hindi?

Meaning of ache in Hindi is : शूल

Definition of word ache

  • A language spoken by the Yi people of South-Western China. (proper noun)

Examples of word ache

  • "Caran d'Ache" comes from the Russian word karandash (карандаш), meaning pencil (of Turkic origin; "kara dash" meaning black stone).
  • The Swiss art products company Caran d'Ache is named after him.
  • Quickly she replied, "Ache," with an involuntary movement of her hand toward her beautiful forehead.
  • Three or four days after d'Ache's death, his widow wrote me a note begging me to call on her.
  • Before long, d'Ache's widow found herself obliged to give me her Mimi; but I won her by kindness, and in such a way that the mother could pretend with decency to know nothing about it.