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What is the meaning of ached in Hindi?

Meaning of ached in Hindi is :

Definition of word ached

  • Simple past tense and past participle of ache. (verb)

Examples of word ached

  • Georgie stood out there longer than was comfortable, until her breasts ached from the chill and her hair felt as though it was shrinking.
  • Every inch of me ached from the long hours of wandering and of mental anguish, and I was grateful for the rest which the car afforded me.
  • Both his head and kidneys ached from the soup of chemicals he’d drank, sniffed and injected with the woman now sleeping naked in the next room.
  • They were the thoughts of an elderly and irritable genius, whose bones ached from the Russian winter just as much as his hurt pride.
  • People who are "born tired," who are neurasthenic and easily fatigued and "ached," are probably in a chronic state of self-poisoning due to some defect in their body-chemistry.


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