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What is the meaning of aches in Hindi?

Meaning of aches in Hindi is :

Definition of word aches

  • Plural form of ache. (noun)

Examples of word aches

  • If they remain unexpressed for a long period of time, they can really take their toll and ultimately cause long-term aches and pains.
  • Martin aches to be at her side, as he has been for much of the time since she was born to his fiancée, Heather.
  • But it also causes a slightly higher rate of side effects, mostly short-term aches and flu-like symptoms.
  • It is ironic that so much effort has gone into soothing short-term aches and pains that people only feel down in the dumps and are looking forward to what's over the horizon.
  • You know after deciphering the Sarahspeak (my head aches from the stupid) I think she’s right.


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