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What is the meaning of achievability in Hindi?

Meaning of achievability in Hindi is : लभ्यता

Definition of word achievability

  • The state or condition of being achievable. (noun)

Examples of word achievability

  • "I think the EPA realized that there were still considerable issues with the achievability of the rules," Ms. Meads said.
  • The IMF's skepticism about the achievability of the government's fiscal plan may cause fresh nervousness among bond investors.
  • The achievability of that dream is what made this country the envy of the world and made us, its citizens, proud.
  • The experiment proposed by Fry and Walther intends to make use of the first BCH Inequality, dispensing with auxiliary assumptions, but the second BCH Inequality will also be reviewed here, because of its indispensability in case the optimism of Fry and Walther regarding the achievability of certain desirable experimental conditions turns out to be disappointed.
  • "It's audacity versus achievability," says Will Pomerantz, the foundation's space prize director.