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What is the meaning of aching in Hindi?

Meaning of aching in Hindi is : पीड़ा

Definition of word aching

  • Present participle of ache. (verb)
  • That aches; continuously painful. See ache (adjective)

Examples of word aching

    • "No craving void left aching in the breast") _an aching void_; and the nephew, Dr. Arthur Aikin, by way of variety, _a void aching_; whilst Mrs. Barbault he designated as _that pleonasm of nakedness_; since, as if it were not enough to be _bare_, she was also
    • "No doubt your shoulder is aching from the shooting," he said.
    • And by the way … Belly aching is sooo not attractive! —
    • Stop it …. .you're killing me …. my sides are aching from the laughter.
    • I am currently aching from the stoppage that is this collection of backed-up posts:


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