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What is the meaning of acid in Hindi?

Meaning of acid in Hindi is : व्यंग्यात्मक

Definition of word acid

  • Sour, sharp, or biting to the taste; tart; having the taste of vinegar. (adjective)
  • A sour substance. (noun)

Examples of word acid

    • ‡ Figuratively, acid applies to anything sour or biting; for example, an “acid wit” is sharp and unpleasant.
    • Stale butter or that which is improperly kept develops an acid called _butyric acid_, which gives a disagreeable odor and flavor to butter and often renders it unfit for use.
    • If ammonia be added to the original solution, _alkaline hæmatin_ is produced, or if acetic acid be chosen, _acid hæmatin_ is produced, and each gives its appropriate absorption bands.
    • _Pepsin_ is the enzyme which acts upon proteids, but it is able to act only in an acid medium — a condition which is supplied by the _hydrochloric acid_.
    • _Hydrochloric acid_ gas is also decomposed at ordinary temperatures with flame, and, if there is not a large excess of hydrochloric acid present, with detonation.
    • Concentrated nitric acid highly charged with this substance is called _fuming nitric acid_.
    • The commercial acid, often called _muriatic acid_, is usually colored yellow by impurities.
    • The free acidity is sometimes expressed as _acid value_, which is the amount of KOH in milligrammes necessary to neutralise the free acid in 1 gramme of fat or oil.
    • An excess of the trioxide may dissolve in the strong sulphuric acid, forming what is known as _fuming sulphuric acid_.
    • The sulphuric acid thus estimated was present in the leather as _free sulphuric acid_.