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What is the meaning of aconite in Hindi?

Meaning of aconite in Hindi is : वत्सनाभ

Definition of word aconite

  • The herb wolfsbane, or monkshood; any plant of the genus Aconitum, all the species of which are poisonous. (noun)
  • An extract or tincture obtained from Aconitum napellus, used as a poison and medicinally. (noun)

Examples of word aconite

    • Pluto said he might, if he could overcome Cerberus without weapons; and this he did, struggling with the dog, with no protection but the lion's skin, and dragging him up to the light, where the foam that fell from the jaws of one of the three mouths produced the plant called aconite, or hellebore, which is dark and poisonous.
    • But they must remember that it was almost impossible to detect certain vegetable poisons, such as aconite and atropia, without minute chemical analysis.
    • I also ran around outside with the Little Bird for a while and took this picture of our first flowers – winter aconite.
    • The garden has countless seasons, from the first peeking up of the winter aconite through the early spring snows through the last carrots pulled from under their quilts of leaves in late December.
    • Among the minor bulbs, safe choices are snowdrops (Galanthus); winter aconite (Eranthis); Scilla, Muscari, Chionodoxa and Hyacinthoides hispanica.


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