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What is the meaning of acquiescence in Hindi?

Meaning of acquiescence in Hindi is : सहमति

Definition of word acquiescence

  • A silent or passive assent or submission, or a submission with apparent content; - distinguished from avowed consent on the one hand, and on the other, from opposition or open discontent; quiet satisfaction. (noun)
  • Submission to an injury by the party injured, or tacit concurrence in the action of another. (noun)

Examples of word acquiescence

    • Mr. Lieberman has been able to shield personal condemnation because of the anti-Semitic taboo, but his behavior and actions have become so outrageous, so intolerable and so duplicitous that acquiescence is no longer acceptable.
    • I will continue to point the finger outwards as well as inwards because comfort and acquiescence is a dangerous thing.
    • He bowed low in acquiescence, though he would willingly have left her there.
    • Tears of joy she shed over me, and thanked me for the tranquil and serene close which my return to virtue, as she called my acquiescence, had secured to her life.
    • To rest in the law, with a rest of complacency and acquiescence, is good; but to rest in it with a rest of pride, and slothfulness, and carnal security, is the ruin of souls.


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