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What is the meaning of acquiescent in Hindi?

Meaning of acquiescent in Hindi is : सहमत होना

Definition of word acquiescent

  • willing to acquiesce, accept or agree to something without objection, protest or resistance (adjective)

Examples of word acquiescent

  • She frowned, exactly as the Lady whom Stile knew would have, then flung her golden hair back in a kind of acquiescent defiance.
  • Our information overload society is at risk for the kind of acquiescent attitude.
  • The man let himself fall into a fit of rage; quiet and acquiescent, the woman endured everything.
  • It is not just thugs who like blasphemy laws, but acquiescent, feeble-minded, compliants
  • This despite the presence last week of Broadway diva Patti LuPone in the singing role of Anna 1, a no-nonsense, matronly gal, and dancer Wendy Whelan, in her 20th anniversary year with NYCB, as dancing Anna 2, the acquiescent sibling or split personality accompanying her sister as they travel the U.S. making money to send to their stern family for a new house.
  • That being said, many of us who voted for President Obama disapprove of the way he's handling things because we feel he's far to acquiescent to the opposition.
  • Our view is that this time around Bainimarama is aware that the mood of the people in this country will not be as acquiescent in comparison to 6/12.
  • A gold watch or expensive handbag not only show appreciation to a helpful official or acquiescent mistress; they are also tradable assets and less traceable than cash.
  • The girl at the register tells me the combo meal is eight ninety-nine and I nod, acquiescent.