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What is the meaning of acquire in Hindi?

Meaning of acquire in Hindi is : हासिल करना

Definition of word acquire

  • To get. (verb)

Examples of word acquire

  • Only later, when fear had been replaced by boredom, did the term acquire a derogatory shading.
  • Not until the time of Linnæus (1707-1778) did the term acquire a definite and precise meaning.
  • The historical events which mothers take part in acquire the greatness and invincibility of natural phenomena.
  • I know an Aussie company who had been negotiating a possible buyout that would have seen them move across to join that firm but in the end the company in question decided to only recruit/acquire from the Bay Area!
  • Perhaps the most notorious example was Attorney General Robert Jackson's opinion (prior to the Lend-Lease Act) that existing statutes gave the President the authority to acquire from the British Government rights for the establishment of naval and air bases in exchange for over-age destroyers and obsolescent military material.
  • The principal object of this request is to enable me to obtain the countenance and protection of the government in the enterprise of conveying, exhibiting and explaining models and specimens of American arts and productions under the auspices of the American Institute, and of obtaining whatever information may be practicable to acquire from the ancient nation for the benefit of our country.