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What is the meaning of acquired in Hindi?

Meaning of acquired in Hindi is : परिगृहीत

Definition of word acquired

  • Simple past tense and past participle of acquire. (verb)
  • Developed postfetally; not congenital. (adjective)
    प्रसवोत्तर विकसित; जन्मजात नहीं।

Examples of word acquired

    • One surprising source of work and audience for Bute was in providing short "B-movies" for film houses well before the term acquired its schlocky, perjorative connotations.
    • GUPTA: 1982, the term acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS is first used and within a year, researchers had determined it was the HIV virus that was destroying the patient's immune system and killing them.
    • The concern here is primarily with the meaning the term acquired in the course of the eighteenth century as denoting the creative powers and outstanding original - ity of uncommonly endowed, exalted individuals.
    • In Spanish sixteenth - and seventeenth - century authors the term acquired an ironic twist, as in the expression hacerse de los godos (“to claim nobil - ity, to put on airs”).
    • Graham Summer, the term acquired a harsher and altogether less idealistic significance.
    • Page the Ninth and Eleventh Clauses thereof in so far as the same are applicable to the question of the nature and character of the title acquired by The
    • AUBRION (Comte d '), the title acquired by Charles Grandet after his marriage to the daughter of the Marquis d'Aubrion.
    • But the title acquired by Dandolo runs thus in the chronicle of his namesake, the Doge Andrew Dandolo: "Ducali titulo addidit, 'Quartæ partis, & dimidiæ totius Imperii Romaniæ; Dominator.'"
    • It is a title acquired fortuitously, being given to one who during an attack happened _to lance unknowingly a dead man in the house of the enemy_.