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What is the meaning of acrid in Hindi?

Meaning of acrid in Hindi is : बदबू

Definition of word acrid

  • Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste; pungent. (adjective)
  • Causing heat and irritation; corrosive (adjective)
  • Caustic; bitter; bitterly irritating (adjective)

Examples of word acrid

  • This bacon tastes intensely smoky, the sort that comes only from long exposure to cool wood smoke, and not of meat soaked in acrid liquid smoke flavoring.
  • I hasten to spit it out, but all day my lips are still hot and acrid from the brief experiment.
  • It was more a thing of his head than his heart, revealing itself mainly in short, acrid speeches, meant to be clever, and indubitably disagreeable.
  • It's pronounced, as I'm sure you already knew, with the accent on the final 'a', not in a way to echo "acrid", though the second would be entirely suitable.
  • The hesitancy, the moral doubt of her conversation with Langham, seemed to have vanished wholly in a kind of acrid self-assertion.


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