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What is the meaning of acrobat in Hindi?

Meaning of acrobat in Hindi is : नेटुआ

Definition of word acrobat

  • An athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination. (noun)

Examples of word acrobat

  • This area of China is known for providing many schools in acrobat training.
  • Photographs by Pascal Chevallier Aldo Mondino's "Ou" depicts an African acrobat from the 1980s.
  • The picture of your little acrobat is beyond adorable! jen Said,
  • Alex Merinov - Ninja acrobat from the Moscow Circus
  • Interesting word acrobat, indeed, but certainly easier to appreciate for native speakers.
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  • It's a familiar and rather well-worn mechanic, but the sepia-toned graphical overlay is a stylish touch and the extravagant rag doll physics sends your victim rocketing through the air like a crazed acrobat, which is fun to behold and suitably reminiscent of a Peckinpah bloodbath.