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What is the meaning of actions in Hindi?

Meaning of actions in Hindi is :

Definition of word actions

  • Plural form of action. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of action. (verb)

Examples of word actions

    • While to an untrained mind, diplomatic speak may sometimes appear to favour Israel - although consideration of the full context almost always reveals a consistent failure to condemn PA/Arab actions - Britain's diplomatic * actions* (rather than words) reveal, if not anti-Israel bias, certainly pro-PA/Arab bias.
    • This Faith maketh not Christ a Justifier of thy person, but of thy actions; and of thy person for thy actionsÂ’ sake, which is false.
    • I only speak of actions which they perform voluntarily or freely (_actions qu'ils font de leur plein grĂ©_).
    • Where as they have not been given the title of a racist for their actions in contradiction to Joe Wilson receiving the title after his actions is a direct contradictory of how the world works.
    • WBC's mission statement through their actions is heretical at best and blasphemous in the worst way.
    • Obama's plan to tax the oil companies and make them responsible for their actions is a real solution!
    • If one of our actions is actively encouraging people to fight against us then I think that we should look into it further and see whether it is justified.
    • Though I am of course at odds with the Imperial government and the Force-persuasion of you and your Emperor, the insight into your actions is at once humanising and inducing of pathos.
    • The unfortunate part of his actions is the fact that the powers that be will use actions such as this to justify even greater monitoring of the internet (us).
    • Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro condemned what he called actions by the "far right" in Washington.