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What is the meaning of actual in Hindi?

Meaning of actual in Hindi is : सिद्ध

Definition of word actual

  • Existing in act or reality, not just potentially; really acted or acting; occurring in fact (adjective)
  • Factual, real, not just apparent or even false (adjective)
  • In action at the time being; now existing. (adjective)
  • Active, not passive (adjective)
  • Used to emphasise a noun or verb, whether something is real or metaphorical. (adjective)
  • An actual, real one; notably: (noun)

Examples of word actual

  • We have the total waste of $225,496,741 and this, reduced to its actual significance, means that of the total actual terminations, 83.6 per cent. was _actual waste_ and only 16.4 per cent. legitimate terminations, while the great bulk of the last item of
  • Uses HTML:: Parser which is tolerant of unbalanced tags, so the actual may have unbalanced tags which will assert_html_matches ($expected, $actual, $message)
  • affairs; a military limited in size and scope to actual protection of U.S. territory and its population; tight rein on foreign military alliances; no participation in major conflicts without an *actual*
  • For Lewis, Ëœactualâ„¢ is an indexical term: when I speak of the actual world, I refer to the world of which I am an inhabitant ” and so for any speaker who is “in” (who is a part of) any world.
  • Assistant U.S. Solicitor General Eric Feigin countered that, based on the context and history of the legislation, the phrase "actual damages" covers only out-of-pocket expenses.


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