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What is the meaning of acute in Hindi?

Meaning of acute in Hindi is : सूक्ष्ममति

Definition of word acute

  • Urgent. (adjective)
  • sensitive (adjective)
  • Short, quick. (adjective)
  • Of an angle, less than 90 degrees. (adjective)
  • Of a triangle, having all three interior angles measuring less than 90 degrees. (adjective)
  • With the sides meeting directly to form a pointed acute angle at the apex, base, or both. (adjective)
  • Of an abnormal condition of recent or sudden onset, in contrast to delayed onset; this sense does not imply severity (unlike the common usage). (adjective)
  • Of a short-lived condition, in contrast to a chronic condition; this sense also does not imply severity. (adjective)
  • Having an acute accent. (adjective)
  • An acute accent. (noun)
  • To give an acute sound to. (verb)

Examples of word acute

  • Understand indications for surgical and orthopaedic consultation in acute and chronic rheumatic diseases
  • Trained and licensed occupational therapists work in acute care and ICUs, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient services, and in specialty diagnostic clinics and programs.
  • California has been in acute crisis mode for the better part of the last two decades as made stark in two new books, Remaking California and California Crackup.
  • If by some small chance someone who reads Greek finds this post offensive with a misplaced breathing or faulty accent, please know that the Greek font is really tiny on the WordPress screen and I just generally suck at figuring out the acute from the grave on the keyboard.
  • This is defined as an acute state that impedes functioning for longer than six months, and is characterized by intense yearning for the deceased and distressing and intrusive thoughts about his or her death.


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