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What is the meaning of ad in Hindi?

Meaning of ad in Hindi is : विज्ञापन

Definition of word ad

  • Short form of advertisement. (noun)
  • advantage (noun)
  • to, toward (preposition)
  • Examples of word ad

    • Lucullus, Catulus, and Hortensius, to Cato and Brutus, he finally adopted the suggestion of Atticus to gratify Varro by giving him a share in the dialogue together with Atticus and himself (_ad Att. _ xiii. 13, 1, 'commotus tuis litteris, quod ad me de Varrone scripseras, totam Academiam ab hominibus nobilissimis abstuli transtulique ad nostrum sodalem et ex duobus libris contuli in quattuor').
    • Serv. _ad Ecl. _ 10, 1, 'Fuit Cornelius Gallus amicus Vergilii, adeo ut quartus Georgicorum a medio usque ad finem eius laudes teneret, quas postea iubente Augusto in Aristaei fabulam commutavit.'
    • AD SVMMVM is the reading of _L_ and _T_ and is printed by Burman (who punctuates _uiderit ad summum_) and Merkel (_ad summum dixi_).
    • They were termed _apprenticii ad legem_, or _ad barras_; and hence arose the cognomen of _barristers_.
    • Accordingly, in the first place, he decided that he had received a call from God “ad veritatem et ad seipsum”; and, in the second, forgetting Miss Deffell, he married his rector’s daughter.


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