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What is the meaning of ad lib in Hindi?

Meaning of ad lib in Hindi is :

Definition of word ad lib

  • Alternative spelling of ad-lib. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of ad-lib. (verb)

Examples of word ad lib

  • + LIBERTY (lib) Life is one big show and in like every other performance, you have your choreography, that which is deliberately taught to a dancer for him/her to execute ... and then there are these little parts we call adlib, wherein the dancer him/herself is free to express his/her own style and personality.
  • It all descended, however, into a mangle of words after Roberts failed again to say the line properly and started to adlib in individual words in no proper order.
  • The first I fell asleep through - it turns out that early MST3K was adlib and unscripted, so isn't as funny as later seasons IMO.
  • They did allow for more adlib and improv back in the day.
  • I have heard him adlib, change lines, change whole passages while reading, and still manage to get away with it.


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